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Williamson unveils new pickleball courts

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Williamson Park Committee has introduced three new pickleball courts, addressing the scarcity of such recreational spaces within the county. The project’s inception in 2021 saw the committee exploring alternatives due to the limited availability of courts, eventually settling on a conversion of an underutilized full court basketball area within the park. This conversion not only facilitated space for three new pickleball courts but also maintained two and a half basketball courts, effectively optimizing the use of available space and reducing the overall cost of the project.

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Funded by grant money and contributions from the Park Impact fund, the Town Board gave the green light to the project, leading to the initiation of construction in early 2022, and the courts were operational by October the same year. The pickleball courts have since witnessed significant utilization, hosting a league of over 100 players in 2023 and often operating at full capacity, indicating a robust demand for such recreational amenities within the community.

The total investment for this initiative was approximately $49,000. In pursuit of expanding such recreational facilities, the Town has applied for another grant in August 2023 to potentially add three more pickleball courts and a full basketball court. The decision on this grant application is expected to be revealed this fall, potentially marking another stride in augmenting recreational infrastructure in the area.