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Contractor defrauded Cayuga County residents out of $19,000

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Preble native Michael Young has been convicted for defrauding two Cayuga County couples out of nearly $19,000 for home improvement work he failed to complete, according to the Cayuga County District Attorney’s Office.

Young’s fraudulent activities took place between May and August of 2022. He initially completed a job for a Locke couple but took $12,000 for additional work that he never carried out. He also took $7,000 from a Summerhill couple for work that was never started.

Cayuga County Court convicted Young after he pled guilty on June 14. The court has ordered him to serve a prison sentence of two to four years and pay full restitution to the victims. District Attorney Brittany Grome Antonacci stressed the need for homeowners to remain vigilant, despite the majority of home improvement contractors being honest and hard-working.

Young will return to court for his official sentencing on July 25. District Attorney Antonacci advises homeowners who believe they have been defrauded to keep documentation and contact law enforcement.