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BorgWarner delays Lansing closure for now: What’s next?

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BorgWarner, a major manufacturer in Lansing, has announced a delay in the closure of one of its divisions, pushing back the initial late 2024 deadline to 2026.

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Earlier in the year, the company had notified employees of the closure, which was anticipated to result in approximately 300 job cuts. However, recent information by Tompkins Chamber CEO Jennifer Tavares confirms that not all the 1,500 employees in the area are facing layoffs and the company is not withdrawing entirely from the region, as was previously feared.

Instead, BorgWarner intends to maintain a permanent presence in the community and has no plans to shut down all its Warren Road facilities. They indicated that over 70% of the current workforce would be retained, and while some job reductions are anticipated, most of these would be due to routine attrition.

In spite of the forthcoming changes, BorgWarner is actively recruiting for various positions and aims to maintain around 700 local employees following the restructuring. Tavares emphasized that BorgWarner will continue to produce electrification products at its Ithaca facilities rather than transferring production to Mexico.