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FRESH TAKES: Trophy Hunting (podcast)

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The winter sports leagues have made it to spring, which means it is playoff time. Paul Russo and Nick Felice look at the major talking points already being created in the first round. They look at the NBA where the Draymond Green stomping incident has taken center stage. Paul and Nick offer their thoughts on the series and the incident. They look at the rest of the playoffs where the Knicks and Cavs are tied up at a game apiece and the Heat upsetting the Bucks in game one.

Nick’s teams are having a moment, as the Rangers bounced on the Devils. Elsewhere in the NHL the underdogs are showing their bark and bite in the first round. Paul and Nick talk about how the Stanley Cup Playoffs allow the underdogs to have a chance and how it makes for the ultimate viewing experience.

Before wrapping up the podcast, Paul and Nick look at the current season of The Masked Singer and offer their thoughts on it so far. They also talk about the Super Mario Brothers Movie which they saw a few days ago.

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