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Schumer wants FBI to investigate swatting calls at NY schools

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Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer has urged the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to examine the recent increase in “swatting” calls targeting schools across New York state with fake threats of violence. Schumer has pledged $10 million to support the initiative in the upcoming federal budget. Last week, law enforcement responded to 36 false mass shooting reports involving 226 schools. Similar incidents were reported in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Ohio.

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Schumer outlined a three-point plan to address the surge in swatting incidents:

  • An FBI investigation into the recent swatting calls in New York;
  • $10 million for a specialized “cyberswat team” within the FBI focused on tracking swatting calls, with Schumer directing the agency to begin mobilizing resources in anticipation of the legislation’s passage in next year’s federal budget;
  • Data collection on swatting calls nationwide to identify trends and patterns that could assist investigators.

Schumer emphasized the importance of federal support, as tracing the origins of these threats often takes investigators across state lines or even abroad. The false alarms not only cause distress but also strain emergency services and cost thousands of dollars in local resources.