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Syracuse Mets going cashless at ballpark

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The Syracuse Mets baseball team will be introducing a cashless payment system for the upcoming 2023 season.

The team’s General Manager, Jason Smorol, is excited for Opening Day and the move to a cashless system. Last year, parking payments were cashless for safety reasons, and fewer people are paying with cash. Smorol noted that Syracuse University, as well as other venues, have also adopted cashless payment systems, which have not encountered any problems.

Kevin McNeill, an assistant teaching professor at Syracuse University, believes that going cashless can improve fan engagement, as it replaces anonymous cash transactions with known card holders, allowing for customized promotions and data collection that can inform management decisions.

While some may find the shift to a cashless system inconvenient, Smorol believes the team is adapting to changing times and customer preferences. Fans who do not have a bank card can still participate through a reverse ATM option that allows them to insert cash and receive the same amount on a debit card for no fee.

The Syracuse Mets’ Opening Day is set for March 31.