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Unpaid family caregivers represent $39 billion in New York

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A new report from AARP New York has found that the value of unpaid family caregiving in the state has reached $39 billion. This is an increase of $8 billion since the data was last analyzed in 2019. The report highlights the important role that family caregivers play in the state’s healthcare system, whether they are caring for someone at home, coordinating home health care, or helping care for someone in a nursing home.

As New York becomes an increasingly older state, state officials are facing policy questions for those who are aging themselves and caring for a loved one who wants to remain in their homes. AARP New York is calling for state support for caregivers in the upcoming state budget due at the end of the month.

The organization is advocating for $9.5 million for in-home services for older New Yorkers to receive home-delivered meals and assistance with daily activities. They are also calling for a higher minimum wage for home care workers, $15 million for the nursing home oversight effort known as the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program, and $3 million for the access to the home program, which offers financial aid to make residential units accessible for people with disabilities with low and moderate incomes.

David McNally, the AARP New York Director of Government Affairs & Advocacy, emphasized the importance of ensuring that family caregivers have the financial, emotional, and social support they need. He said, “We want to make sure all family caregivers have the financial, emotional and social support they need because the care they provide is invaluable both to those receiving it and to their community.”