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Nova Kratom Review (2023 Update) – What we like and hate

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As kratom grows in popularity across the world, the number of kratom users is on the rise. To cope with the growing demand of the kratom community, there are more kratom vendors as well. Having a good and reputable kratom vendor is vital as it contributes to providing a good experience. In this article, we will be reviewing one of the newest kratom vendors to join the ranks, Nova Kratom.

*note: this review does not contain any sponsored links, also no affiliate links – we try to do an objective review of this vendor.

A Brief Introduction to Nova Kratom

Nova Kratom is a company that started out in Oregon as a local store. This brand prides itself as a small batch kratom vendor as they believe that this ensures that each customer is well taken care of. As their sales picked up, Nova Kratom launched its online website around two years ago, aiming to provide kratom users across the United States with fresh and potent kratom.

Why we ended up loving Nova?

  1. Great price – $44/kg with a secret coupon we found in a small community (Code is “BF50” – seems like they forgot to stop it from working since Black Friday.)
  2. Great quality – Fresh, Green, Strong Kratom. Way better than head shop, on par with some of our favorite vendors.
  3. Free Overnight Shipping – all orders we made were shipped to our doorstep in less than 24h, this is simply amazing – we all know how important fast shipping is when buying Kratom. I promise that you’ll be impressed on how fast they ship, it’s truly amazing.
  4. Family-owned business – the owner sent us some free candy, 3 samples of 50g each strain (150g in total of free kratom to test!!), and the owner, Monica, is a sweetheart, she also wrote a handwritten note, and we got in touch with her since we had questions about shipping and she immediately replied. Such an amazing customer support experience.
  5. The color and taste are simply amazing, this is our last order from February 2023:

What we did NOT like about Nova Kratom?

  1. We ended up testing quite a bunch of strains, some of them were a bit too strong, good for people who want to sleep, but if you want energy you’ll have to take less and readjust your dosage – some strains were really really strong.
  2. Their only shipping option is UPS, if you want to receive your order in a PO box you have to ask Monica by email to have it shipped by USPS, which will cause some delay – they should really integrate USPS into their options. But nonetheless, orders arrive in 24-48h so all good.

Vision and Values

At Nova kratom, the company’s aims are to provide the best service and high-quality of products. However, being a small batch vendor, their stock is limited as each batch is ethically sourced directly from local farmers in southeast Asia. Nova Kratom supports the local farmers via a Fair-Trade arrangement to ensure that there is a next generation of kratom farmers to sustain the community. Their products are regularly tested and ensured to be 100% natural. Nova kratom also pledges to only offer premium grade kratom guaranteed to have high levels of alkaloids.

What Makes Nova Kratom an Excellent Kratom Vendor?

There are many elements to consider when it comes to determining if a kratom vendor is reliable. Here are some of the factors why Nova Kratom is a great choice:


Based on their website, Nova kratom obtains their products directly from Indonesian farmers following the Fair-Trade policy. Ethically harvested and produced, the Fair Trade is crucial as it ensures that the local farmers are paid a higher price to help improve their environmental and social standards. This ensures that the local farmers can live better lives, offer better quality products, and are able to pass on the trade as the new generation steps in.

Product Variety

Although a small batch vendor, the brand first started with a limited number of strains locally. Since the launch of their website, Nova kratom now has an estimated 70 different types of kratom strains on their site, allowing even the most experienced kratom user to have fun experimenting.

Lab Testing

On their website, Nova Kratom guarantees that they test all their products for contaminants, heavy metals, and adulterants. They ensure that their products are 100% natural without any fillers of additives to ensure that their clients enjoy the very best. Lab testing also guarantees the alkaloid levels in products.

Perks and Incentives

Nova Kratom offers fast and free shipping for all orders above $39.99. Orders that are placed before noon will even ship out on the same day. Currently, Nova Kratom is also offering a 20% discount off all orders using the coupon code NOVAKRATOM20. Combined with the free shipping, this allows users to save a considerable amount of money. Nova Kratom is also starting an informative blog where the company educates and raises awareness among kratom users.


Since Nova Kratom’s aim is to provide premium quality kratom, it is only natural that the brand is confident enough to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all orders in hopes that customers are confident to place orders without any hesitancy. They also have a very responsive customer service team that replies within minutes. Besides emailing the team, customers can also call them or send them a message on WhatsApp. This company accepts Visa and Mastercard for payment.

Cost Comparison

Nova Kratom prices are reasonable, starting at $28 for 250 grams of kratom powder. One of their best offers is the sample pack where users can get 3 packs of 250 grams of their best-selling kratom strains for only $58. Users who take advantage of their discounts can enjoy prices as low as $60 per kilo of kratom powder.


Are Nova Kratom Products Lab Tested?

Yes, based on the information on Nova Kratom’s website, their products are lab tested by third parties, and information from the tests include whether the kratom is pure, if it has any contamination, heavy metals, and the percentage of alkaloids in it.

Can I Track My Package / Order?

Yes, after the purchase, Nova Kratom allows you to view all the details of the order online. A tracking number will also be provided to ensure that you can track your order anytime. Generally, the package will reach you in 1 to 2 days after shipment.

What Is The Best Way To Contact Nova Kratom?

The best way to contact Nova Kratom is via their email at [email protected] as they tend to reply to emails within minutes.

Why Is My Payment Not Going Through?

On their website, it is stated that payments that cannot go through could be due to it not being approved by the bank. To solve this issue, customers should call their banks and have them approve of the transaction and the payment should go through smoothly after.

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