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What to Do During Vacating in the Finger Lakes Area

The New York State Finger Lakes Region is 9,000 square miles wide, full of almost every kind of outdoor activity or adventure you can imagine. It consists of 11 different lakes, 130 wineries, spans 14 counties, and offers numerous recreational and cultural experiences.

Perhaps, even if you live in the area, you may not realize all that this amazing area has to offer. While the Great Lakes are adjacent to New York and are much more well-known, the Finger Lakes region is full of local treats to explore that you won’t want to miss. If you are in New York City, you can easily take a New York long distance car service to get to anywhere in the area..

Visit One (or more) of the Lakes

If you love water, then you obviously can’t visit the Finger Lakes Region without stopping by at least some of the bodies of water that define the region. Spend time exploring them all, or pick your favorite few and explore them at leisure.

The Finger Lakes consist of 11 different lakes throughout its network. Each of these lakes is a different size, depth, and elevation than the others, and has uniquely varied scenery. There are historic landmarks, islands, and of course gorgeous water. Some of the lakes boast the cleanest water in the entirety of America, while others have specifically been left undeveloped, to allow for an escape to pristine nature.

Visiting the lakes and exploring the surrounding areas is a simple, yet wonderful experience.. Many also allow swimming, boating, fishing, and more. Some are even prime destinations around the 4th of July to watch fireworks.

Visit the State Parks

In addition to all the water activities, consider hiking and exploring some of the parks. There are beautiful state parks within the region, such as Letchworth State Park, which is often considered the Grand Canyon of the East, and Watkins Glen State Park.

There are even places such as Bristol Mountain where you can zipline, or spend the day on ropes courses and climbing at local outdoor centers.

If you are considering visiting during the winter, you can enjoy winter sports like snowmobiling, ice skating, and skiing. There are also a variety of different outdoor festivals throughout the year.

Explore the Towns

Is spending a leisurely vacation in a small town more your style than sweating and hiking through nature? You will be happy to know that there are all sorts of historic small towns within the area.

If you want more of a city environment, look at the bigger areas like Rochester and Syracuse. However, there are plenty of small and cute towns in the area that are sure to create lasting memories. Pick one to spend your vacation in, or create a road trip itinerary to visit them all.

Many of the small towns are filled with historic buildings and landmarks. There are also excellent restaurants to enjoy delicious and unique local cuisine. They are close to waterfalls and state parks making it easy to dip your toe into an outdoor adventure before or after a meal.

Items from small boutiques, antique stores, and shops will easily fill up your suitcase, so pack light when you go out. Some towns to consider when exploring the area are Geneva, Ithaca, Watkins Glen, and Seneca Falls.

Try Out Local Drinks

The area is full of local wineries, breweries, and ciderworks. No matter what kind of beverage you enjoy, you’re sure to find someplace with locally-made drinks you can savor.

For those that like breweries, you’ll find over 70 different craft breweries producing specialty beers like lagers, ales, IPAs, and stouts. Often, they offer unique and local drinks you won’t find anywhere else, seasonal options, and beautiful views and gardens to explore while expanding your palate.

A great brewery that shouldn’t be overlooked is the Genesee Brewing Company, the largest and oldest brewery in continuous operation in the United States. They do ship out their beers, so you may have tried them before, but it is worth getting them locally from the source and seeing how the beer is made.

If you like fruitier options with ciders or harder drinks from liquors, there are both cideries and distilleries in the area. They offer guided trails so you can try several of them while following a path without getting lost.

Many of the ciders and drinks are made from local fruit and smaller operators, such as Apple Country Spirits, which is run on a family farm and has been owned by the same family for five generations, producing vodka distilled from apples. The Finger Lakes Cider House uses local farm produce as well to create artisan ciders.

When you think of wine, you may think about the West Coast, but the Finger Lakes Region is also well-known for its wineries. There are over 130 different wineries. Whether you just want to try a couple or see how many of them you can visit in a day, you will easily have your fill.

The reason why the area makes such good wine is due to the microclimate of the 11 lakes. This microclimate is ideal for wine vineyards. Many of the wines are high-quality and even comparable to bigger brands and European wines with their own unique flavor profiles. The area is most known for white wines like Rieslings.

There are five different trail options for the wineries, so you can explore several in one trip. If you want to avoid big crowds, winter and spring are the best time to visit.

How to Stay Safe During a Vacation

As you already know, when it comes to any vacation, there’s going to be a lot of planning, and honestly, the same can be said when it comes to staying safe and vigilant too. In general, you’re going to need to be aware of your surroundings. So, with that said, before you start traveling, you should go ahead and research your destination to understand any potential safety risks. 

On top of that, just for safety (especially if you’re going here by car), you might want to go ahead and look into a car accident lawyer

Honestly, you just never know what might potentially happen, and staying ahead is going to be your best bet. When it comes to all trips, you should always try to stay aware and prepared because anything could happen, and it might happen to you.

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