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China will no longer report cases of COVID-19 that show no symptoms

After saying the asymptomatic cases have become impossible to track, China is no longer reporting them.

According to the Associated Press, they’ve become impossible to track now that the country has eased up on a lot of their mass testing requirements. China has been one of the strictest countries when it comes to testing for the virus and trying to contain its spread.

As the country eases restrictions, there appears to be a surge in cases. It appears that a lot of people getting sick are actually staying home and there isn’t evidence to support that patient numbers are rising.

Without the asymptomatic cases being reported, new cases are those who are showing symptoms and seeking out treatment for them.

This is the first time in years that the Chinese government has eased control with their zero COVID policies. This is raising some concern for citizens as cases rise and the public was worried about it for so long.

Some restrictions are still in place, like showing you’re virus free in order to eat in restaurants, which have struggled since the pandemic unfolded.

The hope is that lifting restrictions will help the economy and businesses bounce back.

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