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Lawmakers call for audit of Thruway Authority as it seeks major toll hike

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If the Thruway Authority gets its way tolls will increase 5% in 2024, then another 5% in 2027.

That’s if drivers have an E-Z Pass. Those who don’t will be hit with a massive 75% increase in tolls.

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The Authority is moving forward, which prompted lawmakers and advocates from across the political spectrum to call for a range of actions. Inflation, high gas prices, and other factors are driving that push.

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Democrat Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara called for a two-year pause on toll hikes. Now, he’s calling for an audit. Members of the state Senate are calling for public hearings on the proposed rate hikes. Some Republican lawmakers in the Senate have even called for the Thruway Authority to be stripped of its toll-setting powers.

Santabarbara said he’d like Comptroller Tom DiNapoli to review the agency’s finances. “With the current rate hike proposal now subject to public hearings, an updated audit will provide the needed oversight to ensure the Authority is collecting and spending toll dollars in a responsible manner,” the letter wrote.

For the Thruway Authority, they argue its been years since a toll increase. They say the funds are needed to ensure the infrastructure along its highways remains in good shape.

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