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Governor Kathy Hochul vetoes 85 bills in New York

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As of Tuesday, Governor Kathy Hochul has vetoed 85 bills in New York State.

Many of the bills vetoed were associated with budget costs, according to My Twin Tiers. Blair Horner, Executive Director at New York Public Interest Research Group explained the situation.

“80% of the vetoes are around legislation that requires an agency to provide staff support or other resources to a newly created task force, commission group,” Horner said.

Many are accusing the governor of waiting until after the election to veto these bills.

One of the bigger bills to be vetoed would have provided reimbursement for special education providers. These schools are often underfunded and this funding would have needed to be included in the next budget.

If the vetoes are overridden by the Senate, then lawmakers would need to return for a special session before the legislative session begins in January.

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