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URMC creates website to tell you if you need to go to the ER

Strong Memorial Hospital has created a new website to help people decide where to get medical services.

The website is called Get Care Now, and it helps patients understand their symptoms or injuries. After that, it shows them where they should receive treatment outside of the ER. This will help hospitals as their emergency rooms start to meet their threshold.

A recent letter to the White House was sent by healthcare agencies and schools. It explained that hospitals have become their own public health emergency. This is thanks to the emergency rooms becoming wildly overwhelmed while also being understaffed.

URMC Dr. Michael Kamali agreed with the letter, saying the government should collaborate with hospitals to find a solution. According to Rochester First, Kamali explained that there needs to be help from the federal level to help make necessary fixes.

The new Get Care Now website can help individuals that aren’t entirely sure if they need to be in the ER for care. They could end up waiting for several hours and not even need to be there for a more minor issue. The website will also show average wait times you can expect if you do need to head into the ER.