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Midterms reveal Trump may not do as well as he expected in his political future

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The midterm elections are almost done being counted.Of the 330 candidates Trump endorsed, only a few had big wins.

This includes GOP Senate candidate JD Vance and North Carolina Rep. Ted Budd. In comparison to his losses, it doesn’t look like the success he expected. Dr. Mehmet Oz lost to Democrat John Fetterman in Pennsylvania. In addition, candidates Trump endorsed in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Maryland and New Hampshire lost.

Dr. Stephen Farnsworth, a professor of political science at University of Mary Washington commented on the topic, according to CNY Central.

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“I do think that the former president saddled the Republican party with some real liabilities in terms of the candidates,” Farnsworth said. “If you think about Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania, you think about Herschel Walker in Georgia, these are candidates who really struggled to compete in what should have been a pretty favorable environment, given the unpopularity of President Biden.”

Farnsworth has written multiple books on presidents and their policies.

In many states, people who had denied the election in 2020 ran for positions that would let them oversee and control future elections. Almost every one of them lost.

The Democrat Party spent over $40 million dollars on advertisements. They bashed the far-right, Trump supported candidates, and it looks like the strategy paid off.

Trump has already hinted at wanting to run for president in 2024. He has said he plans to make a big announcement on Nov. 15 from his Mar-a-Lago estate.

Other potential candidates that may run for president in 2024 include Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

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