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Home » News » Soil contamination in Corning parks will be investigated by NYSDEC

Soil contamination in Corning parks will be investigated by NYSDEC

The City of Corning has two parks that are believed to have soil contamination. The Department of Environmental Conservation has started an investigation approved by the city council.

The parks in question are Mckinney Park and Williams Street Park. The DEC wants both parks to be cleaned up.

Mark Ryckman, City Manager with the City of Corning stated that there are different contaminants in the soil all throughout the city, according to WENY News. This is because the glass industry has left it behind over the years.

A unanimous vote Monday evening voted to have the DEC lead the cleanup of the soil in both parks. The city is unable to do it on its own with no experience.

The city and its residents reported the contaminants they saw to the DEC. This launched an investigation that led to the discovery of glass and ash in the two parks.

Currently it is unknown who is responsible for the contamination, but the DEC will also be investigating that.

Ryckman said a lot of the contaminants found are byproducts of the glass industry, like glass ash and brick.

The areas with the contaminants in them have more than the standard set by the state, and when it’s all cleaned up it’s going to cost money. Right now, the city doesn’t know who will end up paying for it. The DEC will decide once they conclude their investigation.