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Children’s hospitals are now seeing an rapid increase in RSV cases

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RSV cases are rising quickly and children’s hospitals are feeling overwhelmed across the country.

RSV is a respiratory illness that can become severe in children and is similar to the flu.

As the hospital system works to overcome the strain caused by the pandemic, it’s working to deal with this.

RSV, or respiratory syncytial virus, has come earlier this year and it is more severe than previous years. It hasn’t been as bad for the last two years because of the COVID-19 precautions put in place like masks and social distancing.

Normally the virus comes in winter, but it’s been making its presence known this fall. Over 350 cases have already been reported at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital for Sept. and Oct., according to 13 WHAM.

Other hospitals in the country are finding themselves having to move patients to other facilities because they don’t have the space, staff, or necessary equipment for treatment.

While the cases aren’t more severe, there are a higher number of severe cases happening all at once. Most cases do not require hospitalization and can be monitored. These less severe illnesses are mainly cold symptoms.

On top of RSV, children are coming down with the flu at higher rates as well. The combination of both are straining hospital systems.

There is no vaccine for RSV yet, but trials are happening. In the meantime, practicing hygiene and mask wearing can help keep your child safe this season.

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