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Home » News » Massive fire over 13 acres fought off by Rangers close to Lake George

Massive fire over 13 acres fought off by Rangers close to Lake George

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The New York State Forest Rangers received a report for a wildfire that broke out near Lake George on Sunday.

wildfire near lake george

Rangers arrived to find a fire that spanned much more than they anticipated. The call reported an acre-wide wildfire, but this one was over 13 acres.

The fire was located on Putnam Mountain, and about 11.3 acres wide when Rangers first arrived.

Ranger Poulton responded and was joined by Ranger Donegan who brought a six-wheeler and tools to help combat the blaze, according to My Twin Tiers.

Wildfire near Lake George contained by Rangers

It took 5 hours after Donegan arrived to contain the fire with fire crews. It made it to a size of 13.7 acres.

As of Tuesday the fire had not yet been put out but it was under control.

A campfire that was left to go out on its own was the cause of the fire.

The DEC urges New Yorkers to never leave a campfire unattended. Rings should be used whenever possible and the fire shouldn’t exceed a size of 3 feet tall and 4 feet in diameter.

If a ring isn’t available rocks can be used to help stop the fire from spreading. They should also be extinguished if they are no longer being used.

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