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Federal law may require funeral homes to post prices online

Funerals are some of the most expensive things we pay for, and a new federal rule may make planning it out easier.

funeral costs may be listed online

The Federal Trade Commission is thinking of changing the “Funeral Rule” which is responsible for controlling where and how funeral home prices are listed.

According to My Twin Tiers, the Funeral Consumer Alliance states that the average funeral costs around $7,000.

Stephen Brobeck with the Consumer Federation of America shared why this may be.

Why are funeral prices so high?

Brobeck stated that the reason prices are so is partially due to the lack of transparency within the funeral industry.

The prices aren’t competitive because those of us who are paying for funerals aren’t able to get the prices and compare.

The Funeral Rule currently requires funeral providers to give price lists to people that visit the funeral home in person.

Now, the FTC may require that prices be available online for consumers.

The FTC is currently looking for additional comments about whether they should change the rule or not.

Chris Famer with the National Funeral Director’s Association does not think this move is a good idea or makes sense.

He believes that telling people how they’re supposed to shop and reducing the entire experience of saying goodbye to a number it doesn’t do justice to the funeral home or the customer.

He added that funeral costs listed on websites can’t encompass everything people would need to know.

Brobeck says it’s just a modernization to the rule and gives consumers more choices and a chance to save money.

He added that consumers are often gouged and taken advantage of, and this would save them billions.

A decision has not been made, and that could take years.

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