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If you were banned from Twitter, your account will take weeks to restore

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On Wednesday, Elon Musk announced that anyone who was kicked off Twitter cannot return until procedures to do so are set up.

twitter was bought by elon musk

This process is expected to take at least a few weeks.

People banned for violating rules set forth by the app like harassment, violence, or election and COVID-related misinformation will not be allowed to use the platform ahead of the midterm elections.

What is going on with Twitter, banned accounts, and Elon Musk?

According to, Musk took control of Twitter last week and purchased it for a whopping $44 billion dollars.

He posted a tweet that he has met with some civil society leaders about how Twitter is going to continue to fight the hate and harassment happening on the site while “enforcing its election integrity policies.”

Musk was asked in the meeting to not restore banned accounts before the election.

Who attended the meeting?

In attendance were leaders from the NAACP, which is the Anti-Defamation League and Color of Change.

They requested that there be a transparent process when it comes to the restoration of banned accounts.

Musk had stated earlier he would let former President Donald Trump return to the playform, but Trump started hia own platform called Truth Social and hasn’r shared whether he would return or not.

Jessica González, an attorney and co-CEO of the advocacy group Free Press was also at the meeting.

González stated that attendees requested that Twitter have election integrity measures and asked that Musk hear from a diverse group of people.

Those people included racial minorities and those who have experienced hate and harassment on the platform.

González said that while Musk agreed to these requests, actions speak louder than words and he will be held accountable.

Nobody representing the LGBTQ+ community was present at the meeting and Musk hasn’t shared if he’s planning to meet with someone.

Representatives from the groups GLAAD and Sindy Benavides representing the Hispanic community were also in attendance.

David Cruz, the national director for The League of United Latin American Citizens, shared his opinion of Benavides representing Hispanic people, and that she was not a member of their group.

Cruz said she was a “a rogue, former respected leader who has decided to place herself above the organization that trusted her.”

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