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Stimulus payment in Virginia should arrive by Halloween

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Residents in Virginia waiting for their $500 stimulus tax rebate can expect the payment by Halloween, which is Monday, October 31.

stimulus payment in virginia that should be sent by halloween

Those who have not seen them yet can expect it either in the mail or in their bank account by Monday.

These are tax rebate payments going out for 2022 to qualifying residents.

Stimulus payment to Virginians should arrive by Halloween

According to Kiplinger, people that owed money on their tax return for 2021 can expect a stimulus payment.

A law was recently passed that will send taxpayers a 2022 stimulus rebate worth up to $250 for single filers and $500 for joint filers.

In order to qualify, your state tax return must be filed by November 1, 2022.

This is a one time payment made to residents in Virginia that qualify, so not everyone can expect one.

Those that had a tax liability for 2021 will see the stimulus payment. This means if you got money back through a tax refund, you’re sitting this stimulus payment out.

You can check your eligibility here.

The payments are being sent in the order they were received. If you filed a return by Sept. 5, your stimulus payment should have been sent by Oct. 17. This means everyone should see their payment by Oct. 31, Halloween.

Some people will see a check in the mail while others will see it directly deposited into their bank account.

If you moved then the check could be forwarded to your new address.

For those that don’t have their banking information on file with the state, they will get a check through the mail.

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