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Micron deal to bring 50,000 new jobs to Central New York

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President Joe Biden visited Central New York to discuss a Micron deal that will bring 50,000 jobs to the area.

micron chip deal brings 45,000 jobs to central new york

Along with Biden were Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, and Governor Kathy Hochul.

During his speech, Biden talked about how upstate New York once led the U.S. manufacturing industry before being hollowed out, according to Rochester First.

His visit was to the Onondaga Community College.

Micron deal announced by President Biden would bring 50,000 jobs to Central New York

A $100 billion dollar deal was signed by a semiconductor chip company. This deal will create a 1,500 acre plant in Clay, New York.

Micron’s presence will create 9,000 skilled jobs at the plant and another 40,000 throughout the community.

Biden added that China was nervous about the deal being made.

The United States makes 10% of the chips for the world, and once this plant is active it will be making 50%.

This deal was able to be made thanks to the Green Chips Act. Schumer explained that the plant will help Americans for generations to come.

Hochul exclaimed that this is a “Chips Country.” Micron CEO, Sanjay Mehrotra explained that four billion chips will be manufactured each year.

Leaders have said this is the biggest investment in American history. 1,500 veterans will be hired and another $5 million will be invested by Micron to a “Clean Room” at OCC for training future workers.

The investment will take 20 years for all facilities to be built with hiring started in the second half of the current decade. Construction will start next year.

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