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Teens killed in crash that may have happened due to social media “Kia Challenge”

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Four teens were killed in a car crash on Monday in Buffalo, NY and police think it was related to the social media “Kia Challenge.”

kia challenge on social media leads to crash that kills teens

There were six teenagers riding in a Kia between the ages of 14 and 19. This Kia was reported stolen the night before.

The crash happened after speeding around 6:30 a.m. and the car rolled over. Five of the passengers in the car were ejected.

Three of these passengers were pronounced dead on the scene and another died later that morning.

Two survivors came out of the crash; a 14-year-old female and the 16-year-old male driver.

More about the teens killed and involved in the crash, and the social media “Kia Challenge” that indirectly caused it to happen

According to My Twin Tiers, the female passenger is considered in good condition at Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo. The driver was treated and released.

Charges have been filed against the driver. They include third-degree unauthorized use of a vehicle and fourth-degree criminal possession of stolen property.

Right now those are the only charges, but he may face more charges according to the district attorney’s office.

Nobody else on the road driving was harmed.

Police are saying excessive speed was the reason for the accident. They added that the teens may have been participating in the “Kia Challenge” before the crash happened.

Social media has started a trend that teaches people how to break into Kia vehicles just using USB chargers.

Police did not report the model but just that it was a Kia. It was added that the vehicles are unfortunately easy to steal.

People are able to break into the car by bypassing a chip or key to start the car.

Norfolk, Virginia has reported a 35% increase in thefts involving Kia and Hyundai vehicles in the first half of July. Other areas across the nation are seeing an increase as well.

The accident is currently under investigation.

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