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Stimulus payments worth up to $1,050 are going out this week

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Prepaid debit cards are going out as stimulus payments worth up to to $1,050 for California residents this week.

Stimulus payments california residents will see worth up to $1,050

These are the second round of payments going out to Americans who qualify for the stimulus payment.

Over 10 million cards are being sent with this round.

What are the $1,050 stimulus payments going out to California residents?

The stimulus payment going out is also known as an inflation payment. These payments are going out to help lower income residents afford things like gas or food. The goal is to make purchasing necessities easier.

23 million residents qualify for the payments, with most going out during the month of October.

Residents that filed a 2020 tax return with an income not exceeding $250,000 for single filers or $500,000 for joint filers qualify.

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The first payments went out earlier this month to those that qualified for the Golden State Stimulus last year.

This week those that did not qualify for the Golden State Stimulus payments but qualify for this one will get the payment.

10 million payments started to go out in the mail today according to The Sun.

Whatever amount is on your card depends on your income, filing status, and the number of dependents you have.

Amounts you’ll see on your payment card

Single filers making under $75,000 per year will get $350.

Joint filers making under $150,000 will see $700.

Anyone with another dependent on top of this will see an extra $350.

The higher your income goes, the lower your payment will be.

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