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Winter weather outlook across the U.S. shows La Niña will make certain areas more or less dry

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La Niña will be back for its third winter in a row, and the winter weather outlook across the U.S. will make areas more dry or more wet.

winter weather outlook for the U.S. with la nina

According to the NOAA, there will be warmer temperatures in the Southwest, along the Gulf Coast, and for the eastern seaboard.

Between December of this year and February of 2023, the South will see dry conditions and the Ohio Valley, Great Lakes, northern Rockies and Pacific Northwest will see wet conditions.

Both areas are expected to be drier than they normally are, or wetter than they normally are.

What will temperatures and precipitation look like with this winter weather outlook?

Higher temperatures can be expected in Western Alaska, the Central Great Basin,and the Southwest into the Southern Plains.

In addition they could be seen in the Southeast and on the Atlantic Coast.

It’s expected to be colder in the Pacific Northwest, the western Great Lakes, and in the Alaska Panhandle.

For precipitation, there’s expected to be more than normal in Western Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, northern Rockies, Great Lakes, and in the Ohio Valley.

Drier than normal areas include California, the Southwest, the southern Rockies, southern Plains, Gulf Coast, and the Southeast.

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The drought is expected to be made worse in this winter weather outlook by La Niña

The drought is already bad, and it’s only expected to be made worse with these winter weather predictions.

This drought will persist in the West, the Great Basin, and in the central to southern Great Plains.

This winter the middle and lower Mississippi Valley will experience drought as well.

It will likely happen in the South central and Southeastern United States where it has not happened yet. Where the droughts have already occurred, they’re expected to improve this winter in the Northwestern United States over the next few months.

The NOAA updates the three month outlook every month with the next update expected Nov. 17. Though they predict things like temperature, wetness or dryness, and precipitation, they cannot project snowfall this far ahead of time.

According to the NOAA, only accurate predictions for snow accumulations can be made within a week of the snowfall.

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