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Home » News » Why is Veteran’s Memorial Bridge in Seneca Falls still closed? Supervisor says kids damaged concrete

Why is Veteran’s Memorial Bridge in Seneca Falls still closed? Supervisor says kids damaged concrete

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  • Josh Durso 

This week a reader from Seneca Falls reached out with a question about a bridge closure that seems to have gone on a bit too long.

Veteran’s Memorial Bridge in Seneca Falls from the intersection with Fall and Rumsey streets.

The Veteran’s Memorial Bridge, which connects Bayard and Fall streets, has been closed for a couple weeks. The bridge is one-of-three that connects the north and south sides of Town in the former village.

“What is going on with the work on the bridge? I see it is still closed off, but haven’t noticed any work being done on it. I must have missed the story about why it was closed. Does anyone have an idea of how much longer it will be closed?”

Randy Gustafson

The town said in late-August that the bridge would be closed beginning September 13th for repairs. “The bridge will not be accessible from Rumsey Street or Bayard Street during this time. All pedestrian and vehicular traffic will be affected,” the town said in an announcement. “Repair work will continue until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your cooperation. Please allow ample time for travel while detours may increase traffic along certain routes.”

We reached out to Town Supervisor Mike Ferrara for an update on the situation.

He provided two important details. First, the work was completed about a week ago. However, due to damage caused by kids, the reopening was delayed.

“Unfortunately, some young people rode their bikes in the concrete and then danced in the concrete,” Ferrara told on Wednesday. “The concrete needed to be broken up and re-poured.”

Ferrara said the bridge should be reopened by Friday afternoon.

The Supervisor posed his own follow-up question to the situation – directing some blame at the contractor who was responsible for pouring concrete. “Why would the contractor pour the concrete and then take off the rest of the day?” Ferrara inquired at the end of his response.