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Three officers hurt at Elmira Correctional Facility after inmate attacks

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Three officers were injured after an inmate attacked at Elmira Correctional Facility.

According to a release from the officers’ union, an inmate grabbed a female officer by the arm while in his cell, pulling her into the cell bars.

On Friday, September 23, the officer was making routine rounds in a cell block conducting an inmate count. As she walked past one cell, an inmate reached through the cell bars and grabbed her by the arm, pulling her toward the bars.  The officer immediately called for a response and administered OC spray to the inmate, which had no effect.

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Three officers responded to the attack. Two of the officers responded directly to the cell, where the inmate refused to release the female officer’s arm. The officers opened the cell door and entered the cell.  When they entered the cell, the inmate released his grip and attacked both officers, striking one in the head and the second officer in the jaw and mouth. The officers used force to combat the attack.  The inmate became compliant and stopped his attack when the two officers gained control of the situation. 

The inmate was placed in handcuffs and escorted out of the cell block to the infirmary to be decontaminated from the OC spray. 

The inmate, 51, is serving a nine to twelve year sentence after being convicted in Kings County for Assault 2nd and two counts of Criminal Possession of a Weapon 3rd in 2019. 

He was placed in a Special Housing Unit following the incident and faces internal disciplinary charges.  

The female officer sustained pain and swelling to her forearm and wrist,  and a small laceration to one of her fingers.

The two officers who entered the cell and were attacked,  sustained forehead, shoulder, jaw and mouth injuries.

All three officers were treated by medical staff at the facility and remained on duty.