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SAFETY MOMENT: Back to school time means more care on local roads

At our facility traffic patterns change from time to time, and we take time to recognize these changes and take extra care to ensure everyone understands the new traffic and traffic patterns.  The school year has just begun and school related traffic and pedestrian patterns have increased along with school buses on the roads.

The following are a few safe driving tips especially around school zones and neighborhoods where children and school buses are present.

  • Slow down
  • Be alert for children who may be distracted or arriving late running to the bus.
  • Watch for activities near bus stops.
  • Never pass vehicles around school zones as children could be crossing through blind spots.
  • Avoid blocking crosswalks creating a blind spot.
  • Be ready to stop for school buses preparing to load or unload and be alert for the yellow and red flashing lights.

Editor’s Note: Safety Moment is a monthly feature by Kyle Black of Seneca Meadows.