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McDonalds: Pull apart donuts to return to the menu– but when?

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From time to time, McDonalds brings back featured menu items.

McDonalds pull apart donut

Back in April, they brought back the Glazed Pull Apart Donut, but it is only available for a limited time.

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When did the donut return to the menu?

McDonald’s pull apart donut has been back on the menu since April 27, 2022. McDonalds first added the donut to their menu in 2021 when McCafe Bakery made its debut with other pastry items. Some of the other bakery items include Apple Fritters, Blueberry Muffins, and Cinnamon Rolls.

McDonald’s describes the pull-apart donut as light and airy and “coated in a delicious, sweet glaze.” Each donut is 350 calories and they are available all day long.

Where can I order the donut?

The donuts can be ordered in-store, in the drive-through, and on the McDonald’s app. The donuts are being sold for $1.59, but prices may vary by location.

Breakfast hours

Even though donuts are typically a breakfast food in America, McDonald’s offers this sweet treat all day long. However, all day breakfast is not an option. At most locations, breakfast stops being served at 11am. Breakfast service begins at 5am. On Fridays, breakfast is served for an additional half hour– until 11:30.

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, al day breakfast was an option. Although the typical breakfast service at McDonald’s is from 5am until 11am, check the times for your local store by using the McDonald’s store locator tool. This tool is also helpful to determine store hours, so that you can get food other than breakfast. Generally, most locations are open until 12am and others are open until 1am. However, be sure to double check the hours if you are looking or a late-night snack because some locations close at 11pm.

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