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Pumpkin spice season: Here is what is on the fall menu at Starbucks, Dunkin, DQ, and Cracker Barrel and where else it is offered

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Pumpkin spice is a fall time favorite, and the season is just around the corner.

Here, you can find all of your seasonal favorites and where and when to find them.

Pumpkin season at Starbucks starts today

The pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks, along with some other seasonal drinks, are available starting today! August 30 is the return of the seasonal fall menu at Starbucks.

In addition to the pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin cream cold foam will return for the fourth year in a row. An updated version of the apple crisp oat milk macchiato will also be available. Starbucks has added some seasonal baked goods like the pumpkin cream cheese muffin and pumpkin scone for a limited time. Their pumpkin loaf will still be available, as it is available year round. Owl cake pops will now be available as well. The treat is made with vanilla cake, buttercream, and purple chocolatey icing, will also be available for a limited time.

Price hikes on your fall time favorites

This year, pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks will cost you more than they did last year. A grande- sized latte will cost between $5.45- $5.95, depending on location, but that is about a 9% increase. This isn’t the first item to increase in cost at Starbucks because of inflationary pressures.

Even with chillier weather approaching, 75% of Starbucks total drink sales are cold drinks.

Fall flavors available at Dunkin Donuts too

Dunkin launched their fall menu on August 17. This year on the seasonal menu Dunkin is offering: pumpkin cream cold brew, pumpkin spice latte, as well as pumpkin bakery items and maple sugar bacon.

Dunkin is introducing a new flavor this year– the new nutty pumpkin coffee. It is Dunkin’s Original Blend Iced Coffee mixed with a pumpkin spice swirl, hazelnut flavor shot, and cream.

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More than food and ice cream from Dairy Queen this fall

This fall DQ is offering a few new blizzards including: Snickers Brownie, Reese’s Take 5, and Cinnamon Roll Centers. In conjunction with the fall blizzards, Dairy Queen is debuting two new pillow collections to match the seasonal flavors.

There are two different “pillow fights.” The first fight has a round cinnamon roll-esque pillow. It is joined by two square pillows matching the scents and colors of the Oreo Hot Cocoa and Very Cherry Chip Blizzard.

The second fight has a pumpkin pie slice pillow with two square pillows with colors and smells matching the Snickers Brownie and Reese’s Take 5 Blizzard treats.

The pillows have not been released yet but the pillow fights are supposed to happen between September 7 and 16, but official details will be released on the Dairy Queen website.

Limited-time seasonal menu items at Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel is launching eight new seasonal items for a limited time only. The new items will be available from August 30 through October 9. The new additions include:

  • Barrel Bites Options
    • White Cheddar Cheese Bites
    • Country Fried Pickles
  • Peach-Infused Beverages
    • Peach Mimosa
    • Jack Daniels Country Cocktail Southern Peach
  • Upgraded sides
    • Broccoli Cheese Casserole
  • Desserts
    • Apple Streusel Pie
    • Peanut Butter Cup Mocha

Where else are seasonal foods and flavors available?

Here is a quick guide to see where you can get your favorite fall flavors already:

  • 7- Eleven
  • Red Robin
  • Krispy Kreme
  • Jamba
  • Tim Hortons
  • IHOP
  • Peet’s Coffee
  • Caribou Coffee
  • Wawa

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