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McDonald’s: New limited edition Big Mac to launch this month

After running a successful pilot in the UK, McDonald’s will introduce the new Big Mac in the US.

The Chicken Big Mac will only be available at select locations.

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Where is the Chicken Big Mac available?

McDonalds’s ran a pilot program in the UK for the Chicken Big Mac. After being so well received, it will now be available in select US locations for a limited time only. Starting late August, the sandwich will be available in Miami area McDonald’s restaurants.

The Chicken Big Mac has a has the exact same ingredients and toppings with tempura chicken patties instead of burger patties. The sandwich also comes with lettuce, pickles, American cheese and Big Mac sauce like the original burger. However, it does not include onions like the original burger version.

The Big Mac first debuted in the US in 1967 and has been a fast food icon since.

It is unclear hen Chicken Big Macs will be available in Miami, or how long they’ll remain on the menu.

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