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Dollar Tree: Three kitchen items that are worth buying

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  • Abbi Aruck 

Dollar Tree has some great bargains.

These three kitchen items can be found 85% cheaper at the Dollar Tree than at Crate and Barrel.

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Which kitchen products should I buy?

A shopping expert has shared three kitchen items that you can get at the Dollar Tree for 85% less than you can at Crate and Barrel. The items include:

  1. Dishes ang mugs
    • If you’re looking for new basic, white dishes and mugs– you’ll find a great deal at Dollar Tree. They cost about $1.25 each, compared to Crate and Barrel that charges $29.56 for a set of eight. The set is currently on sale, it was originally priced at $36.95. That means each plate at Crate and Barrel is about $4.61 full price or $3.69 on sale. That is a 66% saving on the sale price and 73% savings full-price.
  2. Stemware and glasses
    • Stemless and tapered wine glasses also sell for $1.25. At Crate and Barrel, similar glasses sell for about $2.95 each. Buying these items at the Dollar Tree will save you 58%. However, prices have increased to as much as $13 per glass. This increases the rate of savings to about 85%.
  3. Glass jars bottles
    • Dollar Tree has a variety of glass jars and bottles in a variety of shapes and sizes. These make for great small storage options in the bathroom or kitchen. The shopping expert expressed how much she likes the oil bottles that sell for $1.25 each or $3 for the pair. A similar set was being sold at Crate and Barrel for $14.95– an 80% savings.

Not every bargain in worth buying

While there are plenty of deals that are worth while, there are some you may want to avoid. It is best to avoid name-brand cleaning supplies because you can get a better value elsewhere.

You may also want avoid picking up name-brand food from the Dollar Tree. Often times, the packages are smaller and you aren’t getting as much, or a good value.

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