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Taco Bell brought back Mexican Pizza and it sold out– When will it be back?

Taco Bell is bringing back the Mexican Pizza for good this time.

The Mexican Pizza made it’s return in May 2022, but left the menu shortly after because it sold out.

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Mexican Pizza returns for good

Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza has beef, refried beans, tortillas, cheese, diced tomatoes, and their own “Mexican Pizza sauce”. Mexican pizza relaunched in May 2022, but ran out of stock after just two weeks. Fortunately, Mexican Pizza will return for good starting September 15, 2022.

Pizza used to be on the Taco Bell menu long before its most recent removal. It was introduced to the menu in 1985 under the name “Pizzazz Pizza”. Usually it sells for about $4.49, but price varies based on location and branch.

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