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Title IX guidance protecting trans students blocked by federal judge

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  • Abbi Aruck 

The federal judge has left the door open for discrimination after blocking title IX guidance protecting trans students.

The judge put restrictions on transgender athletes.

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Restrictions for transgendered athletes

Federal judge from the Eastern District of Tennessee, Judge Charles Atchley, temporarily blocked the Education Department’s Title IX guidance. Atchley restricted transgender athletes from playing sports on their identified gender and using bathrooms matching their gender identity. Part of Title IX is to protects LGBTQ people and their gender identity. This riling has opened the door for discrimination against trans students at school.

Reports indicate that 20 Republican attorneys led the effort to suspend Title IX protections. Thru argued that there was a “credible threat” of losing significant federal funding due to their policies and laws. Several states also argued that using transgender students’ pronouns is “illegal under the First Amendment and that the Education Department violated the Administrative Procedure Act and the Tenth Amendment.”

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