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Student Loans: New regulation to help those in education loan debt

President Joe Biden has been called on to do something about the student loan debt issue, and now there have been new policies proposed.

student loans and cash with a graduation cap

The proposals were to help reduce the burden placed on students finding themselves in financial debt.

Over 43.4 million people have student loan debt right now.

The new policies would help broaden eligibility for new programs, disabled students, public service workers, and borrowers who were lied to by their schools.

The goal is to make it simpler for those with student loan debt to get it discharged. This would prevent big interest rates.

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The hope is that getting the relief is more accessible. Someone won’t need to be burdened to go through the process.

New policies for student loans and debt

One policy will limit interest capitalisation, not letting outstanding balances grow quickly.

The second is for those who were misled by their schools. It’s also for those whose schools close before they finish. They will have greater protection.

The three year income monitoring period for those who got a reduction due to a disability will no longer happen under a proposed policy.

Finally, public service positions are being inventivized by offering those who go into the field major deferments and forbearance.

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