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New York’s longest serving inmate won’t be released in Auburn: Wife says nursing home, then VA Hospital for ailing 89-year-old

New York’s longest serving inmate won’t live in Auburn, despite his pending release and ties to the community.

James Moore, 89, has been granted parole after a crime that took place decades ago.

Moore was convicted of strangling and raping a teenager in the Rochester-area 60 years ago.

Moore was sentenced to life in prison without parole, but a state law made him eligible for release. At this point, Moore is bed-ridden and is a double-amputee due to a sepsis infection.

Moore’s wife Joyce still lives in Auburn, where the two met when he was incarcerated there. She was a prison volunteer at the time.

She says Moore will hopefully be moved to a nursing home in the Syracuse-area, then a VA Hospital.