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PRIMARY DAY: Republican voters turn out in Ontario County as sheriff race takes center stage (video)

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  • Rebecca Swift 

It’s an important day for voters like Madeline Capuano of Rose Park and Michael Houser of Honeoye.

“I gotta vote because that’s my civil right, my duty,” Houser said. “To change the perception of this state we gotta get out and vote.” It’s Primary Day in Ontario County and across New York State.

Ontario County voters come out early Tuesday (video)

On the ballot, you can see the choice of either Republican: current Ontario County Sheriff Lieutenant David Cirencione or former Gates Police Sergeant Silvio Palermo.

“We have to take care of our community,” Capuano added.  “Taking care of Canandaigua, taking care of our state, taking care of our people and knowing what’s really going on.”

Transparency within the Sheriff’s Office is a point of interest for voters today following former Sheriff Kevin Henderson’s resignation amid accusations of workplace misconduct more than nine months ago.

Candidates for Ontario County Sheriff on Inside the FLX has been following the GOP candidates for Sheriff. Both shared their viewpoints with Ted Baker on Inside the FLX earlier this month.

“What I bring is experience in this county, leadership and integrity,” Cirencione said.  “I have spent 20 years at this agency so I have worked the toughest, most difficult cases in this county and been a key part of seeing them to a positive resolution through the court process.”

“I have 24 years of very diverse law enforcement experience every level of law enforcement I’ve worked in,” said Palermo.  “I also have the local government component as well and I truly bring a fresh start, a fresh approach, and objective leadership that’s free from personal bias.”

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Board of Elections commissioners say no hiccups in voting so far

Over at the Ontario County Board of Elections, Commissioners Michael Northrup, a Republican, and Charlie Evangelista, a Democrat, are busy.

“I’m a little tired, didn’t get a lot of sleep last night because we’re always worried about polls opening on time and inspectors showing up on time and you know all the logistics that need to take place in order to pull it off,” said Northrup.

“Countywide we have both Republican and Democratic governor elections and also countywide we have a Republican sheriff’s election that is probably one of the elections that is driving some of our turnout today,” said Evangelista.

So far, they say the process is going smoothly.

And they urge voters to participate.

“Get out and vote,” Capuano said.  “If you don’t vote, don’t be disappointed.”

“Today is a day we change New York State,” said Houser.  “That’s how I feel about it.”