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Federal stimulus checks sent in 2021

Throughout the pandemic, millions of Americans have been sent federal stimulus checks.

cash Americans saw from federal stimulus checks

The idea of a fourth stimulus check is no longer a reality.

Now, many are wondering just how many checks were sent.

Chances are, most Americans received a third check in March of 2021.

That ended up being the last stimulus check from the federal government.

What was the point of federal stimulus checks?

The first round was sent as a part of a $2.2 trillion dollar package passed in March of 2020 under President Donald Trump.

In March of 2021, President Joe Biden signed a package worth $1.9 trillion dollars.

This last check went to Americans making $75,000 or less.

The amount started to phase out at that threshold before rendering anyone with an income over $80,000 ineligible.

The limit for head of household was $120,000.

Married couples did not get checks if they made over $160,000.

Payments worth $850 going out to 200,000 Americans in Maine

How many stimulus checks went out?

There have been three rounds in all.

The first check was worth $1,200 in 2020, followed by a second check worth $600 in the beginning of 2021.

The third payment was worth $1,400 and sent in March of 2021.

By Dec. of 2021, the IRS stated it had sent 175 million stimulus checks totaling $400 billion dollars in the third round alone.

Some Americans are still waiting for their $1,400 as the IRS lags behind on processing tax returns.

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