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Child Tax Credit: California AB 2589

Low income families in need of financial assistance can soon qualify for child tax credit, or CTC, payments under AB 2589.

child tax credit paperwork

California has done a lot for residents, and now Assembly Bill 2589 will offer CTC payments to families.

This is now just a proposal, but could soon be passed.

The goal is to fight poverty with the $97 billion dollar surplus for low income families.

How much would the child tax credit payments be worth?

The CTC payment would be a one time payment.

Low and middle income families would see a payment worth $2,000.

The minimum amount for the California Earned Income Tax Credit may also rise from $1 to $255.

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Who will get the California child tax credit?

The poorest families would be eligible if the bill is passed.

The overall goal is to stop 1.7 million children from falling into poverty.

The payments will go to families that earn $30,000 or less per year.

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