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Child Tax Credit: 10 states offering up to $1,000

Millions of Americans struggled once the federal child tax credit, or CTC, payments ended, but there are states still giving them.

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This means millions of Americans can benefit from their own states and the child tax credits they’ve bolstered or created.

Other states are offering stimulus checks, like Maine where residents can expect $850 payments if they filed their 2021 tax return.

Here are 10 states currently offering their own child tax credit payments

California offers the Young Child Tax Credit, worth $1,000 for each child with a household income under $25,000.

Credits reduce for income between $25,000 and $30,000, and only children under age 6 qualify.

Households that qualify must have also qualified for the California Earned Income Tax Credit.

Colorado offers a CTC that starts Jan. 1, 2023 and gives 5%-30% for children under age 6.

Idaho is offering a CTC worth $205 per child.

California CTC: Who qualifies and how much can I get?

Maine offers the Dependent Exemption Tax Credit worth $300 per child and follows the same rules as the federal CTC.

Maryland pays $500 per child under the age of 17 with a disability and the AGI for a taxpayer must be under $6,000.

Massachusetts has the Household Dependent Tax Credit which pays $180 for one dependent and $360 for two.

The credit applies to children under 12, adults over 65, and people with disabilities.

New Mexico will pay between $75 and $175 per child depending on the taxpayer’s income. Any minor qualifies.

New York offers the Empire State Child Tax Credit, which paus 33% of the federal CTC of $100 multiplied the number of qualifying children.

The child must be at least 4 years old and qualify for the federal payment.

Oklahoma offers 5% of the federal credit and the income of a married couple may not exceed $100,000.

Vermont pays $1,000 per child for any child age 5 and under to households making less than $125,000.

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