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Stimulus: Pennsylvania has $2.2 billion to spend

Pennsylvania still has $2.2 million dollars in stimulus funds, so a new budget is being explored by lawmakers.

headline with stimulus dollars, showing stimulus payments and programs Pennsylvania residents could see

The budget deadline is June 30, 2022, and could mean that residents may see more stimulus payments sent to them.

Between the $2.2 billion in stimulus funding plus the $4.9 billion in extra tax revenue, there are various proposals being put forward.

Both Democrats and Republicans are supportive of different proposals that would benefit residents.

$2,000 stimulus check proposal

One of the most talked about stimulus proposals is Governor Tom Wolf’s $2,000 payment.

This would be called the PA Opportunity Program and would use $500 million of the American Rescue Plan funding to pay families.

Households making $80,000 or less could qualify for these payments.

Unfortunately, not all Republicans support the plan, because they think it would worsen inflation.

Tax rebates for rent and taxes worth $975 still available

There is another proposal in Pennsylvania that would give grants to individuals for renovating their homes or rental properties.

This is part of the Whole Homes Repair Fund, supported by the Republicans.

Other stimulus fund ideas include bolstering higher education, paid family leave, and K-12 education and infrastructure, including repairs for school buildings.

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