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When is President Biden expected to make a decision on student loan forgiveness?

Biden was expected to launch a plan on student loan forgiveness at the end of May.

President Joe Biden

Officials are saying a decision will likely come in July or August.

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The student loan pause is ending soon

More than 43 million Americans are waiting to hear President Biden’s loan forgiveness plan. So far he has extended the moratorium– which many people know as the student loan pause. Right now, the moratorium is set to end August 31 and payments will resume September 1. The moratorium went into effect in March 2020.

A report from he Consumer Financial Protection Bureau warned that millions will immediately be at risk of delinquency or default when payments restart.

Biden has said that he is not considering $50,000 in debt forgiveness per borrower. A report mentioned that he is considering $10,000 in forgiveness per borrower. However, this may only be available for borrowers making less than $150,00 annually (or $300,000 for married couples). It is estimated that 97% of borrowers will qualify.

The plan would cost around $230 billion– but details may change if this decision becomes official.

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