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Millennials and the housing market in 2022

The housing market has suffered quite a bit over the last couple of years, and millennials are of homebuying age right around now.

home for sale on the housing market that millennials seem uninterested in

This leaves questions regarding the housing market today and what these factors may mean.

Do millennials still want to buy houses on the housing market as part of their “American Dream?”

According to GoBankingRates, experts working with millennials have observed different things.

One thing is the middle-class dream may not be what millennials are interested in anymore.

The idea of owning a home is starting to seem unobtainable.

While buying a home to move into and start a family seems ideal, millennials are finding different ways to become homeowners.

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This includes buying property in the housing market and slowly building while living in an RV, or buying homes in need of fixing at a lower price.

Others simply do not want the responsibility of owning a home.

Millennials aren’t often looking for a home to start a family and have a large space.

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Many want to buy homes that are smaller, they don’t care about space, and they want to travel.

Others simply choose to rent and forfeit the responsibility that goes into owning a home.

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