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Homebuyers: $100 million dollar program for first time homebuyers

First time homebuyers in the state of Florida will receive help from a homebuyers program worth $100 million dollars.

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The program will start June 1 and make it easier for first time homebuyers.

The program was announced by Governor DeSantis on May 23.

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Hometown Heroes Housing Program to help first time homebuyers

The program is called the Hometown Heroes Housing Program and will help specific people.

Those working as police, firefighters, teachers, and nurses will be able to use the program to afford new homes.

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The Florida Housing and Finance Corporation will run the program.

According to The Sun, the program has the “highest and most inclusive eligibility of all Florida housing down payment assistance programs.”

Critical workers are the targeted population for helping them purchase homes with this program.

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Qualifying for the homebuyers program

There are specific requirements you must meet in order to qualify.

Job titles that qualify include

  • law enforcement officers
  • firefighters
  • educators
  • healthcare professionals
  • childcare employees
  • active military
  • veterans
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You must have, in addition to these job titles, a credit ore of at least 640.

You also need to provide your certification for the eligible jobs allowed to benefit from this program.

An income threshold is set for each county you must meet.

How much will homebuyers see?

Funding will be available June 1, as part of National Homeownership Month.

Those who qualify can borrow up to 5% of their first mortgage loan amount.

The most anyone can see is $25,000.

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