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Stimulus: Will Social Security recipients get a $1,400 stimulus check?

The Senior Citizen League has been tying to get a $1,400 stimulus payment for those on Social Security.


Despite their push, no new legislation has been introduced.

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Will there be another stimulus?

The third round of stimulus checks were sent out in March 2021 and you could get up to $1,400 or $2,800 for couples. The checks were distributed to help those who may be struggling financially during the coronavirus pandemic. Since then, the Senior Citizen League has been tying to get a $1,400 payment. However, Social Security recipients should not expect to see another stimulus payment.

Rick Delaney is a chairman for the Senior Citizen League. In October 2021, he sent a letter to congress proposing a one-time stimulus of $1,400 for seniors on Social Security. However, Congress has not acted on the request.

Social Security is designed to provide income to those who retire or can’t work due to a disability.

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