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Social Security and veteran’s benefits combined

Many Americans who collect veteran’s benefits do not know if they’ll be able to collect Social Security, but they can collect both.

social security card with check for benefits like disability

Social Security has been providing coverage to all active duty military personnel since 1957.

In 1988 that was expanded to inactive duty service members as well.

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The VA, or Department of Veterans Affairs pays injured vets a benefit each month.

What you get as a benefit depends on how severe your injury was.

The lowest injury is measured at 10% disability and provides $152.64 per month.

The most serious injuries could bring vets $3,816.04 per month.

If the injured vet has dependents, it will change the amount unless your injury is measured at 20% and below.

Social Security benefits with veteran’s benefits

Some veterans can qualify for SSDI if they’re registered as disabled.

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They also need to satisfy work history requirements.

Family members working can fulfill the satisfaction of the working requirement.

This is because being born disabled would make fulfilling that requirement harder.

The disability needs to have prevented someone from working for at least 5 months.

Those with ALS are exempt from that requirement.

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