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Retirement: Home care is $100,000 per year

Many people save up for retirement thinking of mortgage payments, groceries, travel, and bills. But what about your health?

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The older you get the more you may start to see your health deteriorate, and this can become costly when you aren’t working.

You should remember that as you plan for retirement, your health should be budgeted for or you risk losing your entire savings and family finances.

Not overlooking health costs for retirement

Many retirees forget to take this expense into consideration and often end up regretting it.

A nursing home room is on average $94,900 for a semi private room and $108,405 for a private room each year.

Data shows most people will end up with a bill requiring long term care after the age of 65.

Resources to cover $1,000s in bills for retirees

So how do you cover such a large expense?

Paying for long term health costs in retirement

There are a few ways you can plan to cover this expense in retirement.

First, if you have the funds you could pay out of pocket.

How to plan the decision to retire

Next, you could depend on long term care insurance.

Finally, work with someone to help with Medicaid planning.

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