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Food Stamps: SNAP EBT cards in California

Millions of Americans collect food stamps each month but in order to make purchases with SNAP funds, you must use an EBT card.

food stamps EBT card application

An EBT card is an electronic benefits transfer card which is loaded each month with benefits.

The card allows for the purchase of SNAP eligible foods, and stops the purchase of ineligible items.

Food stamp EBT cards

Different states have different cards sometimes, and California is one of them.

California has what is called the Golden State Advantage card, or GSA card.

Whether you qualify for food stamps in California depends on your family income.

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SNAP schedule for June of this year

You must apply with your household size as well as income.

Anyone with gross and net income lower that 200% and 100% of the federal poverty line will qualify.

You’ll then be approved and sent your GSA card to purchase food with food stamps at participating retailers.

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