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Renting: Top 10 cities to rent in

Both renting and purchasing homes has changed drastically since the start of the pandemic, and inflation has only worsened it.

renting sign in affordable city

This means people are searching for the most affordable places to rent if they must move.

A study from RentCafe, reported by The Sun, has found the top ten cities to move to for affordable prices and the most space.

The data shows that smaller cities are better for quality of life and renting.

Things like cost of living, quality of rentals, economy, and quality of life were taken into account when researching cities.

Here are the ten best places for renting in the U.S. in 2022

Round Rock, Texas is known as the “sports capital” of Texas with great weather, and plenty of parks.

Raleigh, North Carolina is next up with a high quality of life measurement and plenty of opportunities for jobs.

2021 saw 4,800 newly built apartments.

Top 10 cities to rent- lower prices and bigger homes

Third is Conroe, Texas. Apartments are high end and have plenty of space and amenities.

There are lakes and green spaces throughout the city.

Fourth is Greenville, South Carolina, where the second lowest unemployment rate is.

There are plenty of fields to work in and cost of living is low.

Orlando, Florida comes in fifth with plenty of beaches and a strong local economy.

There’s plenty to do with theme parks, nightlife, and golfing.

Another Florida city comes in sixth with Jacksonville.

City life mixed with quiet outdoor spaces and great weather make it a great choice.

Charlotte, North Carolina comes in at number 7 with a healthy economy and corporate companies fitting for working professionals.

Charleston, South Carolina is the 8th best city with a low unemployment rate and wonderful beaches.

The local economy is strong with plenty of job opportunity.

Atlanta, Georgia is number 9 with the highest number of business applications in the country.

Quality of life is high in the city with parks and areas to walk.

Finally, at number ten is Austin, Texas with plenty of technology including Google and Tesla.

This has created a strong economy and job market.

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