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Child Tax Credit: Up to $750 can be claimed in 5 days

There are thousands of households set to receive a child tax credit worth as much as $750 in only five days.

child tax credit papers

This new law will send families child tax credit payments worth $250 per child, with a limit of three children.

This bill was passed on May 9 in Connecticut after being signed by Governor Ned Lamont.

The state’s surplus allowed the payments to happen.

It’s worth $4 billion dollars, and tax rebates are part of an updated plan that starts July 1, 2022.

Over $1 billion is being used from the American Rescue Act.

Eligibility for the child tax credit

The credit is worth $250 per child and up to three children can be claimed.

Child Tax Credit: $250 going to parents in one state

You must meet income requirements to qualify.

Single files cannot exceed an income of $100,000.

Head of household filers cannot exceed $160,000, and joint filers cannot exceed $200,000.

If you pass that amount, you could qualify for a reduced payment.

Updates, millions can claim $2,000 per child

For every $1,000 past the threshold your payment is reduced by 10%.

Applications open on June 1, 2022.

They will close July 31, 2022.

Payments should start being sent in August of this summer.

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