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California residents can claim a $160 one-time credit

Residents of Long Beach, California could receive a one-time payment of $160.

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The refund stems from a legal ruling about water access.

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Where is the benefit coming from?

After a recent legal ruling, Long Beach, California, will have to pay back it’s own water department over $30.8 million. This ruling is also what triggered will be $160 credit for customers. Find additional details about it here.

The legal proceedings started in 2021. Long Beach has had a long standing practice of charging its own water department fees in order to access water and sewer lines. The fees have been known as Measure M surcharges.

In November 2021, an appellate court ruled that it was unconstitutional. The City of Long Beach appealed the decision made in the lower court and took the proceedings to the California Supreme Court.

However, the California Supreme Court rejected Long Beach’s appeal. The city was illegally collecting around $9 million a year from the water department. Long Beach will now be required to repay about $31 million to the water department. The rest will be paid back to customers.

Long Beach has been legally been granted until September 20 to transfer the funds.

Residential customers will get about $160 per account. Commercial accounts will receive between $2,500-$10,000.

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